Thursday, November 27, 2014

Theme Thursday: Thankful

Linking up with Cari of Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday: Thankful

Due to work schedules and such it will be the five of us enjoying Thanksgiving in our new house together. 

Thankful for the love that surrounds me.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

1 up ~ 1 down: November 21st

1 up:
     Last Friday I traveled with the kids up to meet up with Charlie who had given a speech that day in Boston.  It went really well; the kids did wonderful in the car, traffic was not too bad and I didn't lose anyone at either of the pit stops.  Leaving home at about 3:30p I arrived at the Providence Amtrak Station to meet Charlie just 20 minutes ahead of his 10:30 train ~ not bad coordination across six states.  The hotel we then journeyed to was very nice and the next morning we enjoyed some family swim time in the pool before meeting up with more of my husband's family out on Cape Cod.

1 down:
    Being sick; unfortunately it was my turn for the sore throat/fever virus we have been passing around the house with me feeling my worst just as we were all sitting down for a family dinner marking the 10 year anniversary of my father-in-law's passing.

1 more up:
   Later that evening after sending Lisbeth off to enjoy a sleep-over with her cousin and tucking the other two into their beds I got to curl-up in bed with some Ben&Jerry's and my Kindle app.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick Takes #164: Remembering to Give Thanks

Things are cuckoo crazy around here what with maybe finally getting the old house sold ~ with its accompanying fixing-up, emptying the last of our stuff etc; Dr Daddy traveling more and more;  and all the kids getting bigger, having homework and deciding to go all toddler destructive when unsupervised.

However there is much to give thanks for and while I knew a daily rundown would be beyond me right now do want to a couple times this month pause and give thanks:

  1. For the chance to do a Mommy&Me swim class with Caitlin; she loves it ~ I love it and so very much want to have those special one-on-one times with each kid.
  2. Watching Elisabeth doing so well and really enjoying her gymnastics class.
  3. Finding a buyer for the house who will cherish it just as much as we did
  4. The chance to spend some time with my mom, one of my sisters and their family last weekend.
  5. How the 'bigs' helped entertain Caitlin when traffic made the long ride home even longer.
  6. The virus that passed through the house was relatively quick and didn't create much havoc.
  7. A marriage growing better with time.
  8. The promise of more family time this coming weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend! And head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick 7's

Friday, November 7, 2014

One up ~ one down: November 7th

Linking up again with Chrystina of Chrystina Noel to share the best and worst of the week.
but am going to play with the format cause this has been a real glass half-full/half empty week 
plus you know,  my place.

1 down:
      Daylight savings adjustment plus a couple kids running fevers made for not the best week sleep wise what with very early mornings and cranky bedtimes.

1 up:
      Monday evening Lisbeth put herself to bed at (new) 6:30p and after sleeping nearly 12 hours was completely fever free and feeling well.  

1 down: 
    Charlie had an over-night work trip and Liam feeling not well took it really badly.

1 up: 
    Fighting bedtime had him still up when Dr. Daddy called and after a quick chat with Daddy went off to bed with complaint.

1 down:
    While Charlie was gone I missed my footing going down the stair and actually fell the last 7 or so steps.

1 up: 
    Didn't break anything!!

Now sharing some Halloween night out-takes cause in their own way they too celebrate the up and down of my days:

 Baby Bumble Bee ~ Queen Elsa ~ Chase the Rescue Bot

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Home: Caitlin's Room

Next on the mini house tour is Caitlin's Room.

   Since I couldn't consult with her color wise I went with my preference and the color we had painted Lisbeth's 'big girl' room at the old house; Behr's Misty Violet ~ and I haven't heard any complaints.

 Sorry both 'before' shoots are actually mid-painting but hopefully you get a sense of the taupe we were again trying to cover.

The crib we have had since Lisbeth, and the bookcase was my youngest sister's originally but has been mine since my first apartment.

A dresser given to us from family members and a print that has been since hung (promise).

The nightstand and glider have been ours for awhile; the rocking horse I found at a local thrift store that specializes in kid's clothes and toys for Caitlin's first birthday.

The littlest of the bedrooms but hopefully a cozy, fun room for our littlest!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Liebster Award ~ Fall 2014

Firstly and most importantly my thanks to Laura of String of Pearls for nominating me.  If you are not already a reader of String promise me that after this you will click over and have a read. Laura is kind, funny, and a wonderful writer who is about to have her second book published. She is also a mother of five grown sons and grandmother to four grands (so far) and such an encouragement to those of us in the day-to-day life of raising littles.

Now my answers to her questions:

1. Do you have a favorite saint, and what drew you to him/her?
     So many really but currently Saint Therese du Liseux because of her teaching that even little things done well matter, Saint John XXIII for his example to reflect God's goodness to all we meet and Dorothy Day who (though only currently a Servant of God) inspires me with her personal commitment to caring for others and social justice.

2. I think every Liebster questionnaire includes a question like this; but I'm crazy about books, so I just have to know: do you have a best-loved book that you've read multiple times?  (And will you probably read it again?)  Or do you always just read a book once and pass it on to others?
    I'm a HUGE rereader: Anne of Green Gables series, Crosswick Journals by Madeline l'Engle and A Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer topping the list.

3. What is your family's Christmas Eve tradition?
    We are generally traveling ~ so if visiting my family then we are having Vegetable Lasagna and maybe opening one gift. My husbands family has the traditional Polish Wigilia and opens lots of gifts. With both families we likely attend the Family Mass with Children's Choir and read the Christmas Story from the Gospel of Saint Luke.

4. When you dress up in heels, do you wear panty hose/tights, or do you go bare-legged?
   Depends on the season: I'm usually bare-legged during the summer especially in sandals, the rest of the year hose/tights.

5. How did you and your husband meet?  (And if you're not married, what's the most important quality you're looking for in a spouse?) 
    Short Version: We met at the Penn Newman Center when we were both students. Longer version found here.

6. What's your go-to prayer in times of distress?
     The Serenity Prayer

7. Where is the one place in the world you would visit if you could?

8. How many siblings do you have?
     3 ~ 2 sisters and 1 brother 

9. Are you a worrier?  (I'm worried you'll think that's a weird question.)

10. What, if any, sport do you enjoy watching the most?
     Football and Gymnastics

Now my questions

  1. Favorite breakfast when you have the time to indulge.
  2. Did you make or buy your wedding dress (if unmarried what would you like to do)? 
  3. What exotic animal would you own if you could?
  4. Favorite book/movie on a rainy afternoon?
  5. First hymn you remember learning/singing?
  6. What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?
  7. What language do you wish you spoke?

Kelly from Familiar Joy
Chrystina  from Chrystina Noel
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five Faves: October 22nd

Linking up with Jenna of Call Her Happy the new hostess for Five Faves!!

  1. Liam (the little guy pictured above): loving being four, consistently and completely using the toilet since early this summer, fully energy, very affectionate though saves most of it for his two favorite people Daddy and Caitlin.  Such a fun age! Such the cool dude!
  2. Stella and Sam:A Canadian series that we can find on Sprout about a big sister and her little brother and their many adventures. Beautifully illustrated stories of make-believe adventures and sibling comradery that strike the perfect balance for me as my kids sit quietly to watch and then often with their imagination inspired go off and have similar adventures.
  3. Pumpkin Chai Mix from Trader Joe's (which I did blog about before): a wonderful balance of sweet and tart and just pumpkin-y enough to meet the season.
  4. My current TV obsession is Fixer Upper a HGTV show featuring a married couple from Waco, TX who together as Designer/General Contractor helps families get into sort-for neighborhoods by buying 'the fixer-upper'. Their love for restoring homes, helping families all while raising their own four kids makes this such a fun watch. Happily anticipating Season 2 this January and catching re-runs whenever I can.
  5. October: Amazing Feast Days (St Therese du Liseaux, Our Lady of the Rosary, St John XXIII, and today Saint John-Paul), the leaves turning colors but still largely still on the trees, Pumpkin Scones & Muffins.