Friday, September 19, 2014

1 up ~ 1 down: September 19th

Joining ChystinaNoel again to share the best and worst of the week

1 up
    We had the best 'birthday day' with Liam last Saturday starting with a pancake breakfast made by Dr. Daddy. We then all headed to the Lego Store where both Lisbeth and Liam had a blast playing with the many hands-on displays (and Caitlin napped) and Liam picked out a fire truck/fire station combo and another kit that can be made into a helicopter, plane or boat.  Afterwards we went to Ruby's for a wonderful lunch and some train spotting.  Later that evening we enjoyed pizza and cake with some friends. A truly great day!

1 down
   This is a bit of a reach but a close friend who is currently living/working far away is in town for the weekend ~ and I'm going to miss seeing him because I'm headed out of town for a conference tomorrow. Silver lining hopefully Charlie will take lots of pictures when they all go apple picking tomorrow.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Quick Takes #161 ~ Happy Birthday Liam!

  1. Liam will officially be four tomorrow so I thought I would use this week's post as a sort-of snapshot of him now.
  2. Much more reserve than his older sister he meets the world in a more tentative way but once he knows you be ready for the rough & tumbleness of a toddler cum preschooler. He turns just about anything into a sword (his weapon of choice) and loves to run and roar: Superheroes and Dinosaurs being absolute tops in his hit parade.
  3. Included in his SuperHero category are Fire Fighters and Police Officers; he still alternates between the two when saying what he wants to be when he grows up.  
  4. Talking more and more all the time story-telling is starting to play a role as is imaginary play with him setting the scene and determining the plot.  He still uses the 'w' sound for 'l' which makes saying his name a very cute moment; and more often than not still uses me, her, and him in place of I, she and he ~ another quirk we are trying to train him out of but I will miss when it is gone.
  5. A great eater he is usually up for trying anything; favorites include Italian Wedding Soup, ice cream, fruit and hot dogs. Not a big breakfast eater except for Daddy's pancakes and sausage.
  6. Loves: Transformer Rescue Bots, dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, and Daddy!!
  7. Having finally fully potty trained early this summer and having made peace with the move and his new room ~ we are very excited to celebrated our newly minted four year old and see what the coming year brings!!
Happy Birthday Liam!!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

1 down ~ 1 up: September 5

Linking up with Chrystina of Chrystina Noel to share the best and worst of my week

one down:
     The every mounting to-do-list this week largely defeated me into stagnation; there are a couple of big things I really need to take care of but could not deal this week with the idea of trying to make phone calls while littles competed for my attention and work out scheduling logistics.

one up:
    A tie between knowing that Lisbeth had a great first day of school complete with me getting her all the supplies she was suppose to have for the first day and remembering to take pictures..and not getting picked for a trial on my jury duty day (so not having to arrange emergency childcare for the rest of the week).

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Clubs Shout-outs

After a crazy, crazy summer of packing, moving, unpacking and settling into our new space ~ not to mention the normal energy and antics of three little kids I am so ready to carve out a corner of quiet and peace.

And so I was so excited to learn of these two upcoming book clubs and want to spread the word in case either or both of these would be what any of you are looking for.

Michaela of California to Korea and back is a hosting a book club Stella Maris whose first book selection is My Sister the Saints, which I have not read and am excited to start.

Lisa Jo Baker and her besties are hosting the Back to School Book Club - for Moms starting with her book Surprised by Motherhood which I have read and blogged about here.

And as long as I'm doing book shout-outs my sister earlier this week released
being Neighborly a novella spin-off from her book Sawyer Says!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WWRW: August 27th

The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball is a very interesting book about a young couples first year starting farm largely from scratch.  Kimball was a journalist living in New York City when she went on assignment to meet a young farmer in Pennsylvania; the book follows the story of their courtship and how he convinced her to leave her city life and farm with him in Upstate NY.

The book is a fascinating look at a model of farming that favors horses over tractors and aims to take CSA to the next level by providing a complete diet from dairy and vegetables to meat and grain.  I would definitely miss coffee and chocolate and I don't think my kids are interested in giving up bananas or orange juice but this book offers even more evidence towards how eating locally and with an understanding of what is in season offers many benefits both financially and environmentally.   As an aside she shares an interesting debate she and her husband would have about buying local versus organic.

Overall a fun, interesting read.

B is for Bear is back in regular reading in our house as both a letter recognition book for Liam and first word book for Caitlin.  Six years later I still so enjoy the great mix of different textures for little fingers to explore and the gentle humor shown throughout.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why I Love My Husband Vol 9

Started by Kaitlin of More like Mary; More like Me ~ another edition of seeing the blessings amidst the crazy.

  1. Every time he makes bacon on the weekend for breakfast he cooks a little extra so I can have BLTs during the week; my favorite summertime sandwich.
  2. While away on vacation Shutterfly was having one of their great sales on prints. I mentioned that I was bummed to be away from our home computer and iPhoto library. He worked his mad computer skills and got me remote access so that I could take advantage of the sale.
  3. Also while on vacation when the seafood place we went to for lunch turned-out to not have good lobster rolls; he upped the ante by treating me to a lobster tail.
Always with the helping hand